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Around the clock, the software we've created is monitoring websites of hundreds of European radio stations in 40 countries. Main data is being gathered through "currently on air / now playing" info, whenever this information is available on station's website. Wherever available, this gives us very precise information on heavy rotations, as well as the rest of stations' playlists.

If this option is not available, we're monitoring the stations' playlists and weekly charts, published on their websites.

Once the weekly airplay data is collected, it runs through several formulas. The first step is to provide a sort of 'degree of importance' for each station (airing in large market brings more points compared to airing on local community stations). The second step is to determine if a song is a local hit, or it is crossing the borders (more countries where song appears would bring more points). Finally, if there's a lack of radio stations' websites (for certain countries), we use other available charts or sales data (physical media and digital download), to provide more accuracy.

The result: chart that gives the real picture of tracks played across the continent in a given week.





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